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                                   Phi Eta Omega Graduate Chapter History 

On January 7, 1998, Mary D. Williams invited and convened a group of 10 inactive members of the sorority in order to determine interest in establishing a chapter in the Scotch Plains, NJ area. The mission of this interest group was to promote harmony and friendship among members and to develop and implement programs that would enhance the self-esteem of the youth in our communities.

​In line with that mission, this group was responsible for a number of programs

such as:

•  Assuming the sponsorship of a NJ Orators Chapter

•  Established a tutorial program at St. John’s Baptist Church

•  Donated supplies and materials to the Christ Our Hope Maternity Home in Ghana

Official approval for the chartering of the chapter was given at the March 1999 Directorate meeting in Freeport, Bahamas. At the chartering ceremony, which was presided by Edith C. Booker, North Atlantic Regional Director, the Scotch Plains Interest Group received its official name Phi Eta Omega on Sunday, June 6, 1999.

Phi Eta Omega Charter Members

Drucilla Wiggins

Jacqueline Arrington*

Rosetta Lattimore

Margaret A. Lewis

Ann Troupe Thornhill 

Nellie Suggs

Adunni Anderson 

 Carol Anderson-Lewis 

Ogretta Whipper Hawkins* 

Mary L. Goldsboro* 

Newana Barnes

Mary Gladden 

Gail Cole-Spencer

Mary D. Williams

Joyce R. Hobbs 

Jacquelynn Rhodes

Patricia Brokaw

​*Ivy Beyond the Wall

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